I love all things with wheels. Bikes, motorcycles, and cars are my passion. I've dedicated my life to getting more people on bikes and enjoying the freedom of rolling outdoors. More people on bikes the better! 


Lee Rogers


My first experience with cycling was when I was 12 or 13 riding BMX bikes. I have worked in the industry in Boston, London, DC, and now Philly. My favorite part of riding and working with bikes is the access it gives you to a large and open community in any city you travel to.

Service Manager

Hassan Raheem


Hi, I'm Jeremiah. 


Jeremiah Bailey


I first began riding as a commuter and shortly after my first Bike Job™ was slinging pizza around Boston. I love being in a shop that helps further my riding and mechanical knowledge so I can use that to get other people confident and excited about riding, too.

Sales Associate

Bree Dillon


Cycling has been a big part of my life since grad school when I started playing bike polo. I've since upgraded to all forms of cycling and particularly love riding in the woods, mentoring the BCYC youth, and noodling around the city. 

Accounts Manager

Jess Stuart


Hi, I'm Sam.

Sales Manager

Sam Santos


I started riding bikes to help me get to and from work... the rest is history

Sales / Serivce Technician 

Becca Gluck


I started riding bikes due to an injury that made walking very difficult and after cycling became my primary form of transportation. I started volunteering at the local non-profit bike shop, eventually was hired, and have worked in the industry ever since.


Woody Felice


In highschool while living in Boston I started riding bikes, then moved to Philly and loved riding in the city. I started working as a courier, which got me into working on my own bike. It turned out I really enjoyed that and I started to split my time between working in a shop and working on the road.


Jo Evers


My first cycling endeavor was an introductory all women’s bike camping trip. This experience connected me to an amazing community of women and inspired me to pursue cycling for fitness and fun. I now love to push myself on my bicycle and enjoy mountain bike, cyclocross and road racing.

HR / Design

Taryn Mudge