MTB Demo Program

Thinking about getting a new MTB or upgrading to a full squish? 
Check out our Demo Fleet!

We know that buying a bike, especially a full suspension, is no easy decision. There are so many options to choose from so we hand selected a fleet that provides you with an with an all-mountain capability and XC efficiency. Cannondale’s Habit is the perfect “do-it-all, and do-it-well” MTB fun machine.

Completely redesigned for 2019, this 130mm/130mm travel bike is the perfect bike summer! 
Below is what we have to offer thus far this year:

Habit 5 SmartForm C1 Alloy - Small
Habit 5 SmartForm C1 Alloy - Medium
Habit 5 SmartForm C1 Alloy - Large 

We feel strongly that you should be able to have the opportunity to ride in the woods

before fully sending into the dirt lifestyle! 

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