Cross Night At The Shop! THURSDAY!

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It might be the heat of summer, but we all know Cross Is Coming!
To get you ready for this season we’ve got representatives from some of our favorite brands (Specialized, Cannondale, Feedback Sports, GORE, and Vittoria) coming to the shop to show you all of the exiting new products, and essential accessories to get you through your season. So bring a friend, have a beer, and enjoy some pizza (along with our company)!
We’re even running some special TOP SECRET promotions!

This Thursday August 10th! 6:30 to 9 PM!

Cipo would be proud: all 2012 Spring/Summer clothing is half off

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None of us can ever hope to even get close to Mario Cipollini’s level of style – I mean, Cipo is a giant among men when it comes to looking good on and off the bike – but at least we can look better than every other rider on the road.

To that end, we’re putting all our Spring/Summer cycling clothing from 2012 on sale. Like, really on sale. 50% off on sale. That’s half off, if math isn’t your thing.

We’ve got lots of great jerseys, shorts, base-layers, and t-shirts from Capo and Specialized on sale for both men and women, so if you need to refresh your cycling wardrobe, come on down and get a little closer to Cipo.

Kicking Rubber

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Meet Bobby, the youngest member of our crew and the shop’s official tire inspector.


With the winter coming to an end and salty roads soon to be a thing of the past, Bobby wants to advise everyone to check their tires. Worn tires can contribute to more flats, poor handling and the rare blow out. Wet weather, low air pressure, and lots of riding break down the integrity of the tire’s rubber. Cracks on the sidewall as well as a worn, pitted, or squared treads are all evidence that the tire’s life is nearing the end.

Bobby has included a few illustrations below.


Happy riding, and be safe!

Big Travel, Big Wheels, Big Fun: the 2013 Specialized Enduro 29er

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Big wheels aren’t just for XC trails any more. Specialized just announced the new Enduro Comp 29 SE, combining all the advantages of the 29in wheel with all the all-mountain-ness of the legendary Specialized Enduro.

The Enduro has always been the been the best choice for when you want to ride to the top only to bomb right back down, but if you’ve been holding out for a big wheels to go with your big travel bike, your time is now.

Worried about tires and wheels? Never fear. Specialized is rolling out 29in versions of their chunky Purgatory and Butcher tires to go along with their Roval Traverse and Traverse SL 29er wheelsets.

Big trails, big travel, big wheels, big fun.


UPDATE: BikeRumor, as always, has the best info on the new hotness. Check out the detail spec levels (S-Works and Expert Carbon versions announced!), photos, first ride impressions, and video here and here over at BikeRumor!


S-Card Financing: ride now when you want, pay when you want

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scardbannerIf you’ve ever looked longingly at a hot new bike and known that while you can totally afford it, taking it home would mean running up your credit card balance or emptying out your checking account, we have a solution for you.

The S-Card – easy and affordable financing from Specialized and GE Money, now available at Bicycle Therapy – is a great way to take home the bike you want, when you want.

gearbannerIt’s a quick application process, you can even do it online, and once you’re approved you can buy anything in the shop with a simple six month same-as-cash deal. Make the minimum monthly payments, pay off the balance on time, and you just got your new bike without paying interest, maxing out your Visa card, or having to go on a ramen-noodle-only diet.

For more info just click on the links above or stop by the shop.

Women’s Mountain Bike Clinic with Team CF, Specialized, and Bicycle Therapy

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Specialized, Team CF, and Bicycle Therapy are hosting a Women’s Mountain Bike Clinic on Saturday, July 21st. Team CF Elite Women’s Team members will be with work with small groups on trails in the Wissahickon and/or the Belmont Plateau to help develop essential mountain biking skills.

Don’t have a bike? Worried about your current bike? No problem! The Specialized Test the Best crew will be there to provide demo mountain bikes, so women are encouraged to something new! Bikes will be available on a first come first served basis, so get there early.

Check out this link for more info, or just e-mail Toby with questions.

The 2nd Annual Historic Riverton Criterium: More Better for 2012

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The 2nd Annual Historic Riverton Criterium (HRC) is on! All the action will be on Sunday, June 10th in beautiful Riverton, NJ. If you were there last year, you know how good it was. The stakes were high, the level of competition was even higher, and to be honest, we couldn’t have asked for a better day of racing. This year’s race will be even bigger with more racers, more sponsors, more prizes, more fun, more better!

If you want to mix it up  and try to make the podium, head over to the race registration page on BikeReg. All the pertinent info is there, but to sum it up, the first race will be the Cat 4s at 1:00pm, followed by a kids race, the Masters 35+, an older kids race, and finishing up the day with the CAT 1/2/3 race. Even if you don’t win, take comfort in knowing that proceeds from the race go to support the Riverton Free Library.

One of the great additions for the HRC 2012 will be the crew from SRAM Neutral Race Support. SRAM NRS will be there to aid the racers with top notch technical expertise and equipment, so if something goes wrong, the riders will have the best in the country helping to get them back in the race. The SRAM NRS crew is super nice, so even if you’re not racing, just stop by and say hi.

Another new feature the HRC 2012 will be the Specialized Test the Best demo truck. If you’re looking for your next bike and you want to see just how good a Specialized ride can be, bring your gear and ID and have some fun. Check out the Test the Best Road East page for more info or just put it in on your calendar.

If you just want a great excuse to get out of the city and enjoy the festivities, “like” the Historic Riverton Criterium on Facebook, then mark your calendar and get ready.

We’ll provide more updates and info as they come, but in the mean time, check out the links and stop by the shop.

2012 Specialized S-Works Epic Carbon 29 XTR is GONE, but the Epic Comp 29 can be yours for 1/3 the price

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The Specialized S-Works Epic Carbon 29 XTR is such an amazing bike that it’s hard to describe, in large part because there’s nothing you can really compare it to. I mean really, name another full suspension 29er XC Race bike that weighs just over 20 lbs and has won multiple world championships. I dare you. They just don’t exist.

You know what else doesn’t exist? ANY 2012 S-Works Epics. Specialized just isn’t making any more, and we just got rid of the last one available. In the country. Until 2013. Yup. We know.

But don’t worry, we’ve got the Epic Comp 29 (1/3 the price of the S-Works) in stock, in your size. Check out more info after the jump.

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All 2011 bikes are…SOLD OUT!

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Well, it’s finally happened: all our 2011 bikes are sold. If you slept on the clearance sale, that’s a bummer, but if you’re still shopping for a new bike, we’ve got lots of 2012 bikes that are great values for money and we’ve got a few current model year bikes on sale too. Specifically, all our 2012 Specialized Roubaix SL3 and Globe Daily 1 bike are about 10% off. Long story short, come by anytime to check out our selection and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect bike.

Specialized Propero II Helmet: high performance and style at a low price

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Pop quiz! A good helmet:

A) Keeps you safe

B) Cools your head

C) Fits well

D) Looks great

E) All of the above

Pencils down. If you answered E) All of the above, you passed and you can go ride your bike. If you didn’t get the correct answer and/or you’re still reading in the hope of being better prepared next time, you should know a that a good helmets does A through D well. A great helmet does it all really well and does it at an affordable price. The Specialized Propero II is a really great helmet, but you don’t have to take our word for it. just confirmed what we’ve known for a while now: The Specialized Propero II delivers level of performance and style that you’d expect from top-shelf lids like its big brother and Pro Tour favorite the Specialized S-WORKS Prevail, but at less than half the price. The Propero II, in addition to passing or exceeding all safety standards, features Specialized’s 4D cooling, ultra-adjustable retention and sizing systems, and styling so similar to the S-WORKS Prevail that you’ll fool your riding buddies for a long time. The best feature of the Propero II is that fact that even though it’s an incredible value for money, you’ll never be compromising performance and you’ll never regret your choice.

We’ve got the Specialized Propero II in stock in all sizes and colors, so stop by soon to get yours.