2012 LOOK Cycles: now in stock at Bicycle Therapy

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We brought LOOK Cycles into the shop for the 2011 model year and the reception has been fantastic. There’s something almost indescribable about how good a LOOK bike feels that separates it from the pack. They’re smooth, light, lively, quick, and they just make you want to keep riding.

LOOK bikes not only ride really well, they look amazing too.  LOOK has been making carbon fiber frames longer than anyone, and their bikes really wear their innovations on their proverbial sleeve. The really cool thing is that even though the technological advances are easily readable, the bikes have a timelessness to them soon you know they’ll always look great.

The game remains the same for 2012. LOOK is sticking with their 2011 frame sets, but updating them with refined paint schemes and great components. We have a lot the 2012 models in the shop now, so check them out after the jump and stop by, call, or email for more info.

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All 2011 bikes are…SOLD OUT!

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Well, it’s finally happened: all our 2011 bikes are sold. If you slept on the clearance sale, that’s a bummer, but if you’re still shopping for a new bike, we’ve got lots of 2012 bikes that are great values for money and we’ve got a few current model year bikes on sale too. Specifically, all our 2012 Specialized Roubaix SL3 and Globe Daily 1 bike are about 10% off. Long story short, come by anytime to check out our selection and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect bike.

2012 Specialized & Jamis Demo Bikes: Test the Best at Bicycle Therapy

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The 2012 bikes are coming in fast, so it’s only right that we have 2012 demo bikes. We have four models to choose from this year, so whether you’re looking for a new speed machine, an all-day endurance ride, or a fast off-road whip, we’ve got you covered. Check out the demo models and info after the jump and stop by when you’re ready to test the best.

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Allez means GO and the 2011 Specialized Allez Sport Means Business

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We hate to say it, but there was a time, not too long ago, that $900 didn’t buy much bike. We don’t mean to imply that entry level bikes were bad, but they weren’t great. Great bikes can be lots of things: surprisingly good, more than the sum its parts, stylish, but more than anything a great bike has an x-factor, a personality, something special that gets under your skin and makes you think, “Oh, okay. I get it.” The 2011 Specialized Allez Sport is a great bike, but more importantly, it’s a great bike that costs $940.

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Shimano Road Tubeless Wheels

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Take it from us, the local bike shop, there is no better feeling than telling somebody, “This is the best solution, no doubt.” The peace of mind that comes from telling a customer that they are getting the best product available is great thing. These products are few and far between, and the Shimano Road Tubeless wheelsets are some of the few. Read More »

Yokozuna Cables and Housing

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This has been the year of small wonders at Bicycle Therapy. In an industry full of innovation and expensive upgrades three products have stood out and allowed us to offer notable upgrades to discerning customers at a low price. What more could you ask for in an economic recession? The first of these items was Francis Bolag’s Chain-L high mileage lubricant, which lives up to its 1000 mile claim and leaves even a thoroughly used drive train feeling new. Swiss Stop Black Flash brake pads followed shortly after. For $25 a cyclist can upgrade the contents of their brake cartridges and experience greater stopping power, improved modulation, and decreased rim wear, no joke! Rounding out the trio are Yokozuna derailleur cables and housing, bringing us to the topic of this post.
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