Come Early and Avoid the Madness

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March is your last chance to beat the rush, and we want to help motivate you to get your bicycle in early.

For the entire month get $10 OFF THE CLASSIC TUNE UP (OR ANY SERVICE MORE THAN $50)


Best of Philly 2012: come get your bike repaired by the best

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It was an enormous and humbling honor to named as one the Best Bike Shops in America last year, but there’s something extra nice about winning a Best of Philly, especially when that award is for our legendary service department.

It all started with Lee, back in 1990, fixing bikes by himself and earning his reputation as one of the best wrenches in town, and it continues today with a staff of experienced and knowledgeable mechanics who are ready to take on any job, big or small.

Whether you’re a long time customer or you’ve never had the pleasure of getting your bike worked on here before, stop by anytime for free estimates, great customer service, expert work, fast turnaround times, and find out what it’s like to get the best bike service in Philadelphia.

New Service Plan Options: cover your service costs for up to 5 years!

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If you’ve bought a bike from us (thanks!) then you know about the legendary Bicycle Therapy Service Plan: three years of unlimited self-scheduled labor for just $60*, AKA the best service available for an unbelievable price. The Bicycle Therapy Service Plan is, without a doubt, the best and most affordable way to keep your bike running well.

The only complaint we’ve ever heard is that three years of unlimited service is sometimes not enough. Starting now, you can add 2 years at the end of your 3 year plan for just $50. Thats two more years of unlimited Tune-ups (a $120 value) for $50, not too shabby.

For more info, just stop by the shop.



*the Bicycle Therapy Service Plan is available only with the purchase of a new bike from Bicycle Therapy and the plan must be purchased within thirty days of the date of purchase of the bike. The plan covers the cost of service for self-scheduled tune-ups only, so neither the the cost of unscheduled service nor the cost of any replacement parts are covered by the plan. 

Bicycle Repair Classes now at Bicycle Therapy: Confidence Building Workshops for all Riders

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We are happy to announce that we will begin to offer weekly repair and maintenance classes on Sunday mornings from 9:00 am to 11:00 am. Beginning on June 17th you are invited to join Bicycle Therapy veterans Josh Robeson and Dawn Riddle for hands-on instruction.

The classes are broken up into four topic specific sessions covering everything from flat tire repair to chain installation and gear adjustment.

The first class is a “Roadside Repair” course intended to prepare you for small emergencies such as flat tires and chain derailment. The class costs $15 which includes a set of tire lever, a patch kit and an inner tube.

The second, third and fourth classes are for the more mechanically advanced cyclist, as well as those who have completed the roadside repair course. The topics covered are:

  • Brakes – Cable lubrication, pad replacement, and brake adjustment.
  • Derailleurs – Adjustment, trouble shooting, and lubrication.
  • Chain and drive train – Removal, installation, and cleaning techniques.

These classes will be held on June 24th, July 1st, and July 8th and are offered only as a complete package. The fee is $45 for all three and includes a chain tool, master link pliers, lubricant, and cleaning solution.

Space in the classes is very limited so please call (215)735-7849 and register soon.

$5 Flat Fix Punch Card is Back!

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It’s back! If you didn’t get a $5 Flat Fix Punch Card a few months ago, now is your chance. The cards will be on available through the end of March, so get yours now.

How does the punch card work? It’s simple. Buy the card for $25, get your card punched every time you get a flat fixed, and you save a bunch of money.

How much money? A flat fix costs $12 (i.e. $7 for the tube, $5 for labor), but the labor rate going up $1 on April 1st. So, if you use the punch card rather than paying for each flat individually, you automatically save up to $40.

Just so you know know, our flat fix rate is going up for a very, very good reason. Bicycle Therapy is now recycling every inner tube and tire we replace, so nothing ends up in a landfill. The extra dollar covers the costs associated with the proper, responsible disposal of your old tubes and tires.

Riding bikes, acting responsibly, and saving money. What’s not to like?

Yokozuna Cables and Housing

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This has been the year of small wonders at Bicycle Therapy. In an industry full of innovation and expensive upgrades three products have stood out and allowed us to offer notable upgrades to discerning customers at a low price. What more could you ask for in an economic recession? The first of these items was Francis Bolag’s Chain-L high mileage lubricant, which lives up to its 1000 mile claim and leaves even a thoroughly used drive train feeling new. Swiss Stop Black Flash brake pads followed shortly after. For $25 a cyclist can upgrade the contents of their brake cartridges and experience greater stopping power, improved modulation, and decreased rim wear, no joke! Rounding out the trio are Yokozuna derailleur cables and housing, bringing us to the topic of this post.
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