Kicking Rubber

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Meet Bobby, the youngest member of our crew and the shop’s official tire inspector.


With the winter coming to an end and salty roads soon to be a thing of the past, Bobby wants to advise everyone to check their tires. Worn tires can contribute to more flats, poor handling and the rare blow out. Wet weather, low air pressure, and lots of riding break down the integrity of the tire’s rubber. Cracks on the sidewall as well as a worn, pitted, or squared treads are all evidence that the tire’s life is nearing the end.

Bobby has included a few illustrations below.


Happy riding, and be safe!

Continental Gran Prix 4000 Tires

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The Continental Gran Prix 4000; is there any road tire that’s more sought after? People ride lots of different tires, and there are some really great options out there, but almost everyone wants a pair of GP 4000s if given the choice. Fast, smooth, supple, grippy, and durable, the GP 4000 is the one everyone asks for. Read More »