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Specialized Bikes, Equipment, and Apparel

Specialized makes some of the best bikes and cycling equipment available. If you can ride it, wear it, or use it on the bike, Specialized makes it and they make it for you, the rider.

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Jamis Bikes

Jamis may not have the biggest name in the business, but if you talk to anyone who knows their stuff, Jamis always comes up on a short list of great bikes that also a great value. We carry some of their best Road and Multi-Use/Hybrid bikes, so whether you’re looking for reliable commuter bike or something a little faster, you’ve got to check out Jamis.

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Shimano Components and Shoes

Shimano is practically synonymous with cycling. No matter what it is, if it says Shimano, it just plain works, it works well, it works every time, and it will continue to do so, for a long, long time.

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SRAM Components

SRAM – along with Avid, Truvativ, Zipp, and Rock Shox – makes arguably the most innovative, rugged, and affordable components you can get. We’ve always loved their MTB components and we couldn’t be bigger fans of their Road groups. From Red to Apex, XX to X5, the stuff is amazing.

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Zipp Wheels and Components

There are a lots of wheel manufacturers that claim to be the best, lightest, or fastest, but ask almost any cyclist worth their salt who makes the best absolute wheels and the answer will be Zipp. One of the most innovative cycling companies, Zipp always pushes the envelope and offers light, stiff, fast, rugged wheels that carry the world’s best to their victories.

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Speedplay Pedals

Speedplay makes some the lightest and most adjustable pedals you can buy. We carry the X-Type, Zero, and Light Action pedals to meet your needs.

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Crank Brothers Pedals

If you’re looking for a great MTB pedal, look no further than Crank Brothers. Rugged? Check. Good mud-shedding? Check. Easy-entry? Check. If you’ve never ridden Crank Brothers, come see why some many riders do.

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Continental Tires

There are few cycling companies in the world that have the reputation for quality that does Continental. Ask any roadie what tire they would ride if they could only pick one, and we’d bet good money the Continental Gran Prix 4000 would be the answer. Fast, light, supple, and durable, Continental tires have all the qualities cyclists want.

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Fizik Saddles and Handlebar Tape

When cyclists think PRO they think Fizik saddles and handlebar tape. Their saddles are probably on more Pro Tour bikes than any other saddle maker, and their tape can’t be beat.

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Brooks Saddles

Nothing says quality and tradition like a Brooks saddle. They may cost a little more, but it may be the last saddle you’ll ever have to buy. Handmade from the highest quality materials, a Brooks saddle is the perfect choice for your favorite bike.

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Cateye Cycling Computers and Lights

When it comes to cycling computers, there are so many options. But when you want a computer that is easy to set up, easy to use, and just plain works, get a Cateye.

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CycleOps Trainers

We know. You don’t really want to have to ride a trainer. You’d rather be outside! But if you have to ride one, you may as well ride the best. CycleOps trainers are not only smooth, quiet, stable, and well-made, they’re also guaranteed for life and they’re affordable. We carry everything from the basic rigs for occasional use all the way up to pro-level options for intense indoor training sessions. Go for a ride when you can, but if can’t, ride a CycleOps.

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Capo Apparel

Capo makes cycling apparel that give you all things you love about european kit – great fit, style, and function – without the all the things you hate. Capo Apparel fits right, looks PRO, and performs, all for less than some other Euro brands out there.

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Oakley Eyewear

For many athletes, there is only one eyewear company worth talking about: Oakley. Stylish, light, and most of all high performance, Oakley glasses can’t be beat.

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Thule Car Racks

Thule is, without a doubt, the most recognizable and well respected car rack company in the world because Thule racks are, without a doubt, the finest in the world. A Thule rack may cost a few dollars more, you know you’ll have it for life.

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Banjo Brothers Panniers and Bags

A good pannier can make a good bike into a great bike. Banjo Brothers makes some of best and most affordable bags and panniers available.

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Wald Baskets

There are some brand that synonymous with the product they make. Kleenex, Hoover, Post-It, etc. Wald is synonymous with bike baskets. We always have them in stock, and we can special order any of the dozens of models they make.

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Planet Bike Racks and Fenders

If you need anything for your bike – and we do mean almost anything – check out Planet Bike. Their fenders and racks, for example, are rugged and light without breaking the bank. The best part? 25% of all Planet Bike sales go to bicycle advocacy.

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Incredibell Bells

When yelling, “on your left” or, “watch out!” just won’t cut it, use a bell! Incredibell makes some the best, loudest, and coolest bike bells in the world. Kids bikes, Mountain bike, Road Bikes; all bikes could use an Incredibell.

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Kryptonite Locks

Kryptonite’s moto says it best: “Tough World, Tough Locks.” Anyone who rides in Philly knows that you need a good bike lock in this town. Don’t take your chances with an inferior product. Be smart and get a Kryptonite U-Lock.

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Park Tools

Park Tool is the company against which all other bike tool manufacturers are measured. They make the right tool for every conceivable bike repair job you can imagine. Whether it’s a small, essential tool you’ll always have with you, or a repair-specific tool you might you twice in a lifetime, Park Tool has you covered.

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Hammer Nutrition

Whether you’re on a short training ride in the summer or an all-day epic in the winter, Hammer Nutrition makes the supplements you need. Replenish on the bike, recover off the bike, and stay healthy in between with Hammer’s many offerings. The best part? This stuff actually tastes good.

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Developed by Dr. Allen Lim, one of the top nutritionists in cycling, Skratch began in the kitchen rather than the lab and it shows through in their wide-ranging selection of hydration mixes, energy and on-the-bike edibles.

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Designed and built in Germany, ABUS represents uncompromising dedication to the security for all manner of valuables, home and recreational. Their folding link, U and Chain locks are the pinnacle in bicycle security.

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