Demo Trucks and Dirt Parties

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Photo Credit: Specialized.com

This May has been an absolutely beautiful month for riding so far, so hopefully each and every one of you has been getting some nice miles underneath you. We’ve got lots of exciting stuff in the pipeline for May, not the least of which are more than a few opportunities to test out the latest and greatest mountain bike offerings from Specialized.

First of all, be sure to check out Dirt Rag Dirt Fest on Saturday, May 16th and Sunday, May 17th to check out all the coolest mountain bike stuff around, and definitely set aside time to check out Specialized’s offerings, including some of their newest, most exciting MTB Developments for this year and beyond.

Even if you can’t make Dirt Fest, you’re still in luck! The legendary Specialized Mountain Demo Truck is coming to our fair end of the state of Pennsylvania for a number of dates at different trails throughout the month. Stay tuned after the jump for dates, times, spots and bikes!

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The Bagel Ride: New and Improved

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Screen shot 2014-08-28 at 2.15.55 PM


The ever-popular Bagel Ride is getting a nice little tune-up for the fall. Following the route pictured above, we’ll be leaving from the front door of the shop riding out to the lovely little borough of Bridgeport, PA and then loop around back to Philadelphia proper.

It’s a nice 40 mile jaunt, about 3 hours in total with a small stop out in Bridgeport for Bagels/Donuts/Coffee/What-have-you at a nice B ride pace. That’s about a 15-16 mph average with no drops, inclusive to cyclists of all skill levels who want a fun Saturday morning ride. If that sounds like you, then we hope to see you Saturday mornings at 8:30 in front of the shop! We’ll keep going as long as the weather holds up and please feel free to e-mail us, call the shop or just stop by if you have any questions!

A New and Relaxing Morning Ride With Team Bicycle Therapy-Melitta: Introducing CHILL HILLS

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Photo Credit: cyclingnews.com

Photo Credit: cyclingnews.com

If you’ve been following the Giro, you know there’s still a healthy amount snow on the beautiful peaks of the Alps. Unfortunately we here in sunny Philadelphia don’t have the luxury of being witness to such majesty so late in the year, so we have to find another way to keep our hills nice and chilled.

To that end, we’ve got a nice, even-keeled Wednesday morning ride with some decent climbs to keep it cool, keep it fun and most of all keep it relaxed. Whether you’re looking for a recovery ride or you just want to get in an easy, pleasant 20 miles before work in the morning, come join us for Chill Hills at 6:45 am on Wednesday mornings in front of the shop! As always, if you have any questions, feel free to stop by or call the shop!

The Dirty Thirty is For the Children

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Up from the 36 Chambers! The famous Dirty Thirty (aka Dirt McThirt) is back in full swing for 2014. If you’re looking to put some speed under you,  join Team Bicycle Therapy-Melitta for a rousing Thursday morning training ride. It’s demanding, it’s hilly and you’re on your own if you get dropped so come prepared. There’s no official ride leaders, but the team is on hand to keep it classy, keep it fast and most of all keep it fun.  If it sounds like your kind of ride, join us Thursday mornings in front of the shop at 6:45.  We hope to see you there!

Hello Springtime!

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Photo Credit: photo-day.ru

Photo Credit: photo-day.ru

Now that winter is over  and  spring has sprung   ok  winter is back   no wait  it’s spring for real this time  the rainy season has come to the droughtridden savannahs well whatever, we’ll deal with it later. No matter what the weather is,  you can feel that buzz in the air. Everyone (if you’re reading this far into the post [thank you,  by the way, I work hard on these!] probably you moreso than most ) is ready to ride. That first glimmer of shining sun and that first touch of warmth in the air is bringing cyclists of all kinds out in droves.

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Goodbye Trusty Twenty Thursday Morning Ride!

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With the cold weather inching ever closer, it’s time to bid farewell to that summertime stalwart, the Trusty Twenty ride for the winter season. Not to worry, cycling enthusiasts , the ride will return stronger than ever with that sweet, sweet warm weather. In the interim,  we encourage you to keep riding! For those of you with itchy shifter fingers and the wherewithal to keep riding, fear not, for there are options!

We’ve got a wide variety of winter cycling apparel and accessories of all weights and for all temperatures hitting the shop floor as we speak.  Keep reading after the jump for some tips on keeping warm even on the coldest winter mornings.

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It ain’t Thirty and it sure ain’t Dirty: join us for the new Trusty Twenty Thursday Morning Ride!

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photo courtesy of Yavor Mitev via CyclingTips.com.au 

We all want to go for a ride in the morning, but we don’t always have the time or the legs for those longer, more demanding sessions. That’s why we’re inviting you to join us on the new Trusty Twenty Thursday Morning Ride: a fun and frisky jaunt covering about 20 miles in about 90 minutes at about 15 mph over varied terrain. 

Long story short, the Trusty Twenty is for everyone who wants to got for nice little ride and still get to work on time. Whether you just got your first road bike or you’re a seasoned PRO looking for a fun morning ride, you’re invited to roll out with us. Proper equipment (i.e. helmets, full water bottle(s), cycling shorts & shoes, spare tube, etc.) is strongly suggested, as are good road manners and a sunny disposition.

Just like the other rides that leave from in front of the shop, this is a group ride wherein all riders are responsible for her/his own safety and no one else’s. In essence, the ride is like a pick-up basketball game at the park; people getting together at a specific time and place to take part in a group activity of which no one is in charge. 

If you’ve got any questions, stop by or call the shop. Otherwise, we’ll see you Thursday!

Historic Riverton Criterium: Be There!

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The Works Vol. III – A Race to Benefit Neighborhood Bike Works

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This Friday, sign up for the 4th Annual CF Foundation Aptalis Cycle for Life!

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Bicycle Therapy is proud to host the kick-off meet-up/sign-up for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s 4th Annual Aptalis CF Cycle for Life ride. Come by the shop this Friday, April 12th at 6:30pm to learn about the event, meet people from the CF Foundation & cycling team, and most importantly, sign up for the ride!

We’ll have light refreshments and free samples of cycling products for you to enjoy while you’re at the shop and just by coming to the meet-up, you’ll be in the running for some great cycling door prizes. Even more enticing, Specialized & Bicycle Therapy have donated some premium-level cycling gear to be raffled to off to ride participants and awarded to top-level fundraisers.

The 2013 edition of the CF Cycle for Life ride event will take place on Sunday, October 13th at the Mann Music Center. Cyclists will ride through some of the most scenic terrain the Delaware Valley region has to offer. Last year’s ride set a record for most participants and money raised. The CF Foundation has raised the bar for the 2013 campaign and we all want to see you there.

As always, you do not need to own a bike to participate in the event. The CF Foundation will be working with local bike shops to have both road and hybrid bicycles available to rent the day of the ride. Follow us on twitter, @CFCYCLE_PHILLY, for updates and chances to win promotional giveaways. Contact either Jason Brinn or Dean Kitagawa, with any questions you may have.