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What’s Manny Wearing? Returns: Utility

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For those unfamiliar with our professional model/16-times running employee of the month/resident adonis Manny, do yourself a favor and take a nice leisurely stroll down sunny South Street past our shop window and take a quick gaze at his majesty.  This spring you’ll find Manny bedecked in some of the exciting selections from Specialized’s new line of spring apparel, freshly arrived in store.

After one of the coldest winters on record in our great city of brotherly love, Manny, eager to saddle up and resume his commute to an arduous day of standing in our window (i.e. “work”) by bicycle, was super excited to get into Specialized’s new-for-this-year Utility line of apparel. In spite of all the truly fantastic road and mountain kits we got it, the language in Manny’s contract stipulates that he gets to pick what he wears, so here we are with some awesome stuff to keep you looking and feeling cool (literally and figuratively) whether it’s your commute or your ride. Stick around after the jump for a bombardment of photos and specifics about this exciting new line.

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Best of Philly® Celebration: 40% Off All Capo Apparel

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While it’s not Christmas and there’s no leg lamp, it’s a major award! Obviously this would not have been possible without the support of our wonderful customers. Even if you don’t consider yourself a “serious” cyclist, in our eyes, everyone who has ever gotten on a bicycle and truly enjoyed it is serious enough.

As a token of our appreciation, we’re offering 40% off all in-store Capo apparel excluding Bicycle Therapy team kits.  It’s serious clothing for a seriously low price.  As always, please feel to call or stop by the shop for details!


Join Us in Celebrating Specialized’s 40th Anniversary

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Specialized is turning 40 this year and of course the celebration is in full swing.  It’s been a real pleasure for us here at Bicycle Therapy to be partnered with Specialized and, from the both of us, we want to give a little something back to you guys for making 40 years possible for them. Follow along after the jump for more info.

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Get them while they’re hot: 2013 Team Bicycle Therapy – Melitta Racing kits are here!

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2013 KIT

Now you don’t have to race like a member of Team Bicycle Therapy – Melitta Racing to look like you do. The fresh new kits that have been tearing up race courses all summer are now on sale at the shop.

Straight from Capo Custom Apparel, the newest edition of the team kit features Capo’s Super Corsa Jersey which is form-fitting yet totally comfy, the Corsa bib short with the fantastic fit and chamois that we all know and love, and both are emblazoned with lighter colors that really pop, more white to keep you cool, and logos of the newest team sponsors. You can buy the jerseys for $100, the bibs for $225, or save a few bucks and buy the whole kit for $215.

The kits are in stock now, but like any of the kits we’ve brought in over the years, they may not be for long. The first batch is always the hottest, so get yours while you can.

All Shimano Shoes at least Half-Off

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Cipo would be proud: all 2012 Spring/Summer clothing is half off

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None of us can ever hope to even get close to Mario Cipollini’s level of style – I mean, Cipo is a giant among men when it comes to looking good on and off the bike – but at least we can look better than every other rider on the road.

To that end, we’re putting all our Spring/Summer cycling clothing from 2012 on sale. Like, really on sale. 50% off on sale. That’s half off, if math isn’t your thing.

We’ve got lots of great jerseys, shorts, base-layers, and t-shirts from Capo and Specialized on sale for both men and women, so if you need to refresh your cycling wardrobe, come on down and get a little closer to Cipo.

Lazer Helmets: light, comfy, and now available at Bicycle Therapy

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Lazer helmets have long been regarded as some the best in the world. They’re light, comfy, stylish, safe, affordable, and most importantly, they’re now available at Bicycle Therapy. Lazer makes a lot of really great helmets, but we’ve picked two models in a few great colors to have at the shop.

The Lazer Oxygen (aka O2) is a high performance, high value roadie that features an outstanding fit, low profile shape, great ventilation, and low weight, all for $110.

The Armor is a perfect choice for the everyday rider that wants a safe, super light, well ventilated helmet with subtle styling that looks more at home on the streets than in the Tour de France.

Follow the links for more info on these great helmets and then swing by the shop to try on something new.

Specialized Propero II Helmet: high performance and style at a low price

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Pop quiz! A good helmet:

A) Keeps you safe

B) Cools your head

C) Fits well

D) Looks great

E) All of the above

Pencils down. If you answered E) All of the above, you passed and you can go ride your bike. If you didn’t get the correct answer and/or you’re still reading in the hope of being better prepared next time, you should know a that a good helmets does A through D well. A great helmet does it all really well and does it at an affordable price. The Specialized Propero II is a really great helmet, but you don’t have to take our word for it. just confirmed what we’ve known for a while now: The Specialized Propero II delivers level of performance and style that you’d expect from top-shelf lids like its big brother and Pro Tour favorite the Specialized S-WORKS Prevail, but at less than half the price. The Propero II, in addition to passing or exceeding all safety standards, features Specialized’s 4D cooling, ultra-adjustable retention and sizing systems, and styling so similar to the S-WORKS Prevail that you’ll fool your riding buddies for a long time. The best feature of the Propero II is that fact that even though it’s an incredible value for money, you’ll never be compromising performance and you’ll never regret your choice.

We’ve got the Specialized Propero II in stock in all sizes and colors, so stop by soon to get yours.

Bicycle Therapy Team Kits by Capo: Pre-order and Save $25

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It’s a new day, it’s a new dawn, and we’ve got new team kits coming in. There are some great new sponsors – Melitta Coffee, Bravo Building Services, Specialized – and now we’re working with Capo. The kits look amazing (check out the proofs below) and they feature the same upgraded chamois that we have in our 20th Anniversary kits.

We know the kits have been out of stock for a while, so we’ve got a deal for all you out there that have been patiently waiting. The full kits will go for $225, but if you pre-order the kit and put down a 50% deposit by 5:00pm on Friday the 7th, you’ll get the it for $200. It’s that easy. Place your order before the deadline and save $25. Check out the proofs after the jump and call, stop in, or email to place your order and/or ask any questions.

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Rothera Cycling Caps: Now at Bicycle Therapy

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It’s funny how the little things in life can make or break a ride. A good cycling cap is one of those little things. A well-made, trusty, comfy cap can keep sun, rain, and perspiration out of your eyes, and most important, keep you looking good. There are many people out there, myself included, that are constantly searching for not just a good cap, but a great cap. Rothera Cycling makes a truly great cycling cap, and now you can get yours at Bicycle Therapy.

Hate to say it, but the cold and the wet are coming soon, so if you need a cap, come by and grab one. Rothera caps are all handmade in Philadelphia, reversible, and are made with technical (wicking, water-resistant, wind-proof) and/or wool fabrics. Check out some models and pricing after the jump.

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