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SEPTA Strike Sale: 15% Or More Off Any Bike In The Shop

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Photo Cred: NBC Philly

Photo Cred: NBC Philly

I’m sure all of you woke up to bumper to bumper traffic and no busses/trolleys/subways the same way we did. Perhaps not ALL of you had the luxury of cruising down an empty bike line past the sullen faces of forlorn motorists hoping that nobody has indeed, blocked the box (hint: they have). I’ll tell you this: it was very nice.

If you’re the forlorn motorist in this story, or stuck walking or any among the number of folks affected by this strike, fear not for we have respite. ANY bike in the shop is at least 15% off until the strike is over. Even if you’re not planning on commuting, we’re extending this to include any in-store road and mountain bikes you might want to take home too. Stop by for details or test rides!

Riprock and Roll

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When you grow up

And have children of your own,

Do please remember something important.

A STODGY parent is no fun at all!

What a child wants


Is a parent who is



-Roald Dahl

Danny the Champion of the World


In the 1920’s Carl Orff pioneered a teaching method using xylophones tuned to the pentatonic scale. This scale, the same as the black keys on a piano, could be played in a free-form style by any child and would always sound harmonious by western standards of tonality. Children could explore their musical creativity and build their artistic confidence playing the Orff xylophones alone or in unison.  Once the child felt comfortable on their instrument, the diatonic scale was added. These extra notes allowed for dissonance in the children’s music. As beginners most children would recoil at such sounds and become discouraged with their music, but children trained in the Orff-Schulwerk method, had the confidence to enjoy and explore the challenge their expanded instruments presented.


Almost one hundred years later, children are herded through their school lessons in order to score well on standardized achievement tests and express creativity stacking digital Minecraft cubes while staring blankly into tablet screens in shuttered rooms. But there are still SPARKY among us who will nurture exploration and embrace risk taking in their children.

The Specialized Riprock is the Orff xylophone of this millennium. The wide, heavily treaded tires (24/2.8”!) provide the rider with a stable platform with which to explore their abilities and roll confidently towards achieving their dreams! As the children ride they will lift their eyes up to take in their surroundings and will feel centered as a part of the natural world around them. They will roll through brook and dale, hearts pounding, breathing air into their lungs, and knowing they are truly alive.


Once the children have mastered the Riprock, they will then be able face more daunting tasks. They may try more technical mountain biking or skinny-tired road bikes. They may even apply their newfound confidence to other aspects of their lives, roll through long division with the ease that they have rolled along the trails of the Wissahickon. The sky’s the limit!


Show your children that life can be fraught with thrills and that, succeed or fail, the important thing is that they tried. Show them the beauty trying new things and accept that what they produce may not be in tune with your expectations. Set them up on a Specialized Riprock and enable them to rip free of convention and grow into SPARKY adults themselves!