None More Black Post-Black Friday Sale

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Spinal Tap None More Black

Black Friday, in the last couple years has become a big event in the American Tradition, for better or worse. Hopefully now that everything has calmed down and everyone has their large-scale electronics safely in their home, we can take a minute and remember what’s really important in life: riding bikes.

To that end, we’re having a nice little holiday sale. Perhaps most exciting,  all remaining 2014 bikes have been are now on sale and the scant few 2013 bikes we’ve still got floating around have had their prices slashed even further! Stop by the shop for specific model availability and prices.

Other hits include:

  • 20% off any pair of tires when they’re  bought together.
  • Up to 25% off trainers.
  • All bar tape 10% off.

And before you go trampling your neighbors/closest friends/significant others/random passerbyes to death, we’ll be running this sale all the way into the new year, so take your time and try not to kill anyone (please)!

In addition to all that stuff, don’t forget, all of our Capo apparel and accessories are still 40% off and we’ve got a bunch of great cold weather stuff to keep you warm for riding all through the winter time. We’ve also got a bunch of nice gifts for the holiday season, nice little stocking stuffers or bigger, more substantial stuff for the cycling folks that you care about.


Stop by the shop and check it out!

Join Us in Celebrating Specialized’s 40th Anniversary

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Specialized is turning 40 this year and of course the celebration is in full swing.  It’s been a real pleasure for us here at Bicycle Therapy to be partnered with Specialized and, from the both of us, we want to give a little something back to you guys for making 40 years possible for them. Follow along after the jump for more info.

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The Good, The Bad And The Flat

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As anyone who has gotten a flat fixed here at the shop before knows, we pride ourselves on the efficiency, speed and of course quality we provide with out flat tire repair service. In order to continue providing that level of service, we have to raise the price of flat tire repair from $13 to $15, effective January 1st. Not a  significant of a jump, just wanted to give a heads up before the change went through.

To offset some of the increasing cost, for a limited time we’re bring back the ever popular Flat Fix Punch Card. $50 dollars buys you 5 flats, (that’s $10 dollars per flat for the less number-inclined among us) and the card is available now through January 15th so stop by and get yours today.  Limit 1 per customer.



2012 SRAM Red Ride with RED-2012, Zipp, and Quarq: it’s more than an demo, it’s an experience.

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If you’re into cycling and cool new stuff – presumably you are if you’re reading this – you’re invited to join us so you can ride SRAM RED-2012 with Quarq and Zipp Firecrest wheels. You might have  heard it called a demo, but we call it a Ride Experience.

For SRAM, it’s a little about the bike, but more about the parts. Experience a confident front shift, more comfortable ergonomics, and AeroLink Brakes that give you speed control with RED-2012.

The event is next Monday, June 25th on Main Street in Manayunk, from 2:00 – 7:00PM. All you need to do to sign up is take a quick, painless survey and then just show up with your riding gear, shoes, and pedals. Product check-out is first come – first serve, so get there early and enjoy.

$5 Flat Fix Punch Card is Back!

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It’s back! If you didn’t get a $5 Flat Fix Punch Card a few months ago, now is your chance. The cards will be on available through the end of March, so get yours now.

How does the punch card work? It’s simple. Buy the card for $25, get your card punched every time you get a flat fixed, and you save a bunch of money.

How much money? A flat fix costs $12 (i.e. $7 for the tube, $5 for labor), but the labor rate going up $1 on April 1st. So, if you use the punch card rather than paying for each flat individually, you automatically save up to $40.

Just so you know know, our flat fix rate is going up for a very, very good reason. Bicycle Therapy is now recycling every inner tube and tire we replace, so nothing ends up in a landfill. The extra dollar covers the costs associated with the proper, responsible disposal of your old tubes and tires.

Riding bikes, acting responsibly, and saving money. What’s not to like?

Specialized Romin: The Evolution of Body Geometry Saddles

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BikeRumor just published a really fantastic post in which they interview Dr. Roger Minkow (the inventor of the original Body Geometry saddles back in 1999) about the evolution of the Specialized Romin BG saddle. The Romin, in many ways, is the culmination of everything Dr. Minkow and Specialized have learned about building saddles that improve the rider’s experience.

Men’s Journal just recognized the 2012 Romin Evo in their annual “Gear of the Year” list, recently gave the Romin Pro a perfect 5 out of 5 star score, and all this just confirms what we’ve known since the original Romin debuted a few years ago: it’s revolutionary saddle that delivers unprecedented performance and comfort while maintaining blood flow and eliminating pressure better than any saddle before. We’ve got the Romin in stock in multiple versions and widths, so if you want to try the best BG saddle yet, stop by the shop for a test ride.

Cyclocross Tubulars – Choose Your Weapon

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Specialized has made no secret of their designs on the cyclocross world. They’ve tinkered with their CX bikes, and they really threw down the gauntlet with the Crux. Specialized continues to stock their quiver for the 2011/2012 CX season with a full line-up of high-performance cyclocross tubular tires. We have all three Specialized CX tubulars in stock, so check out the info below and then come in to get what you need. Read More »

Black is the new Red: 2011 SRAM Red Teaser

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As if there weren’t enough reasons to “make the leap,” the SRAM Road Diaries just released the above teaser for their 2011 SRAM Red group. Lightest, best-featured, and now the sexiest, the 2011 SRAM Red stuff looks amazing. Come by the shop to find out why eight pro teams are riding Red this year.

SRAM Apex: Ballin’ on a Budget

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The 2011 SRAM Apex 10 speed came out last summer, but the long-term reviews of SRAM’s entry-level road group are just starting to come in. We’ve always been huge fans of SRAM’s road groups and we’re especially stoked about the high-performance, high-value Apex group. We currently stock seven road bikes with Apex – Specialized Allez, Tarmac, Secteur, Roubaix, Dolce, Ruby, and Crux – so it should go without saying that we’re pleased to hear that BikeRadar can confirm what we already know: SRAM Apex offers near-elite level performance at an entry-level price.

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Zipp 303: Amazing? Yes. Magic? Maybe.

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Anyone who has ridden Zipp 303s can probably agree: they are, perhaps, the best road wheels. Ever. Super-light, stiff, aerodynamic, and surprisingly comfortable, the 303s are the most complete wheels you can buy. Carbon wheels had long been considered specialty-only – time trials, flat stages, etc. – but when Fabian Cancellara rode a set of 303s to victory in the 2010 Paris Roubaix, everyone sat up and took notice. The Zipp wheels are real-deal everyday, all day, any day wheels, capable of winning one of the most demanding one day races in the world.  Check out the video to learn more about these amazing wheels. We should probably mention that we have them in stock and available for demo.