Cross Night At The Shop! THURSDAY!

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It might be the heat of summer, but we all know Cross Is Coming!
To get you ready for this season we’ve got representatives from some of our favorite brands (Specialized, Cannondale, Feedback Sports, GORE, and Vittoria) coming to the shop to show you all of the exiting new products, and essential accessories to get you through your season. So bring a friend, have a beer, and enjoy some pizza (along with our company)!
We’re even running some special TOP SECRET promotions!

This Thursday August 10th! 6:30 to 9 PM!

None More Black Post-Black Friday Sale

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Spinal Tap None More Black

Black Friday, in the last couple years has become a big event in the American Tradition, for better or worse. Hopefully now that everything has calmed down and everyone has their large-scale electronics safely in their home, we can take a minute and remember what’s really important in life: riding bikes.

To that end, we’re having a nice little holiday sale. Perhaps most exciting,  all remaining 2014 bikes have been are now on sale and the scant few 2013 bikes we’ve still got floating around have had their prices slashed even further! Stop by the shop for specific model availability and prices.

Other hits include:

  • 20% off any pair of tires when they’re  bought together.
  • Up to 25% off trainers.
  • All bar tape 10% off.

And before you go trampling your neighbors/closest friends/significant others/random passerbyes to death, we’ll be running this sale all the way into the new year, so take your time and try not to kill anyone (please)!

In addition to all that stuff, don’t forget, all of our Capo apparel and accessories are still 40% off and we’ve got a bunch of great cold weather stuff to keep you warm for riding all through the winter time. We’ve also got a bunch of nice gifts for the holiday season, nice little stocking stuffers or bigger, more substantial stuff for the cycling folks that you care about.


Stop by the shop and check it out!

What’s Manny Riding II: Trainer Time

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That’s right, it is officially, unequivocally and almost certainly  winter. Pay no heed to these so-called “calenders” that say the first day of winter is December 21st, IT’S DARK. IT’S WET. IT’S COLD. For some, that means it’s time to fold up the jersey, hang up the helmet and pack up the bike until the sun starts to keep it’s head above the skyline past 4 pm again.

But it doesn’t have to be.

We’ve got a wide variety of cycling trainers to suit all needs and skill levels that will let you ride in the comfort and warmth of your own home. Stick around after the jump for a handful of helpful visuals with a special guest appearance from everyone’s favorite mannequin, Manny. Read More »

CycleOps Trainers: you know you’ll need one, so why not get the best?

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Even though it’s October (!), it’s hard to believe that the cold, wet months are just around the bend. The weather is great and perfect riding, but it won’t be for long. We hate rain on your parade, but you know that soon enough there will be a morning too wet or an evening too dark to ride. That’s when you’ll look to your trainer and be glad you got a CycleOps at Bicycle Therapy.

Known for their smoothness and dependability, CycleOps Trainers are some of the few things people ask for by name. We’ve got three models in stock to suit all needs and budgets, along with all the essential accessories. All the models – Fluid2, Magneto, and Mag – come with the RealRides RaceDayTraining DVD to help focus your workouts. Whether you’re buying your first trainer or you’ve already got one, you probably need a Trainer Mat to keep things quiet and in place, a Climbing Riser Block to change things up, and/or a Bike Thong to keep the bike clean and your phone and remote close at hand. Check out our selection after the jump and stop in, call, or email for more info.

Read More »