Cannondale Joins The Bicycle Therapy Family

Posted: September 1st, 2016 | Filed under: Cannondale, Featured, Products | Comments Off on Cannondale Joins The Bicycle Therapy Family


We’re all very excited to announce the addition of Cannondale bicycles, Fabric accessories, Sugoi and Sombrio apparel to our selection here at Bicycle Therapy. The photo above showcases just a few of the sweeter-looking bikes that have already hit the floor, but Cannondale offers something for everyone, from the Crit racer to the family commuter and, with more new bikes arriving daily, every single one of you should come down and check out the exciting stuff we have to offer, as well as join us in bidding farewell to the right legs of our suspension forks.  Keep an eye on the Bicycle Therapy website and Facebook for some cool bike spotlights, including the one contained in this very article after the jump on one of the most versatile bikes in the lineup: the Cannondale Slate:


Described without hyperbole by one eager Bicycle Therapy staffer who shall remain nameless as “the bike I’ve been waiting my whole life for” the Slate is the bike to own if you’re going to go anywhere and do anything. Beyond the sheer, attention-commanding, curb appeal, the Lefty fork is truly what makes the bike the titan of versatility that it is. Adding a full 30 millimeters of travel without significant penalties to weight or stiffness, turning your road ride into a gravel grind is as easy as dropping down onto the first trail that catches your eye and its massive, stock, 42 millimeter wide tires will keep you rolling smooth and if that’s not enough, throw some knobbies on and go race cross after. It’s whatever you want it to be on any given day.