2015 Bicycles: ON SALE Until They’re Gone!

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15 Allez Elite

It’s that time of year, so we’ll get straight to the meat of it. All the bicycles left over from the 2015 model year are on sale and, although we did kill it last year, there are still a few stragglers looking for good homes and we’d like to do everything in our power to make sure they get there! We’ve got specifics after the jump, so read on to find out what’s available!

15 Allez Elite

Specialized Allez Elite Smartweld: $1000

Available Sizes: 54 cm, 56 cm






15 Pitch spor

Specialized Pitch Sport 650b: $500

Available Sizes: XL

15 Ruby Sport

Specialized Ruby Sport: $1800

Available Sizes: 48 cm


15 Tarmac Sport

Specialized Tarmac Sport: $1800

Available Sizes: 52 cm, 58 cm

Availability is current as of 5/30. We’ll try to keep on top of updates. If you see your size, be sure to stop in for a test ride!