What’s Manny Wearing? V (and Bonus: What’s Manny Riding? A Treatise on the Power of Disc Brakes)

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Drawing inspiration from all the excitement about the Tour de France going around the shop, Manny has forgone his more utilitarian digs in favor of a trusty road quiver, along with some of the more exciting developments in road cycling this year: hydraulic disc brakes Make the jump with us to find out the details.

Most prominently on display here we see Specialized’s top end road kit, the SL Pro jersey and bibs. Manny has always been a strong advocate for visibility across all cycling disciplines (it’s not just for commuting!) and form and function combine admirably in this particular kit to demonstrate that hi-vis clothing can indeed be stylish.


Moisture-wicking material combines with supreme light weight and a form-fit cut to create one of the fastest kits available.

Complimenting Manny’s new fast look are a pair of the *fantastic* new glasses from Oakley, the Jawbreaker frames utilizing the new Prizm Road lenses, designed specifically for road cycling conditions.


The Prizm lenses sharpen colors and increase contrast for superior visibility in bright road conditions.  Manny of all people can speak to their effectiveness, as he spends the better part of every day staring directly into the sun through a huge, glaring window.

An Adonis in Profile

An Adonis in Profile

Topping Manny off is the evergreen S-Works Prevail helmet, the benefits of which are widespread and much discussed, so we won’t dedicate too much space to it here. We would be remiss, however, not to mention the Specialized Tarmac Pro Disc Race Manny is pictured with in the featured image on this article and indeed the disc brake road bike movement in general, the benefits of which seem to be working their way into the public conscious rather slowly.


I could easily spend 1000 words pontificating on the merits or discs, although I’m sure even at this point readership has probably slipped to near-nil. If you want the full speech, complete with emphatic gestures and sweeping declarations of allegiance, stop by the shop but I’ll keep it brief for now: better stopping power and better modulation and control over your braking means more confidence to go faster in any given circumstance, dry conditions or wet. If you haven’t ridden a disc brake road bike yet, do it.