June 14th: The Historic Riverton Criterium

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Bicycle Therapy asks that you come join us, along with the people of the beautiful town of Riverton, New Jersey on June 14th for one of the finest road racing events of the season, the Historic Riverton Criterium. The race itself is a 6 turn, 0.8 mile course of unbridled crit-racing fury racing through the historic beauty of the Riverton town center.

The course is extremely spectator friendly, and with multiple races across men’s and women’s categories and side events, such as a kids’ race and the ever-popular Fireman’s race for charity, we’ve got a full afternoon of racing and fun for the whole family. Racing starts at 1:00 pm at 4th and Main streets! Come hang with your favorite Bicycle Therapy staffers and Arrow Racing competitors, along with the wonderful people of Riverton. We’ll see you there!

Directions (by car!)

Directions (by bike!)