What’s Manny Wearing? Returns: Utility

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For those unfamiliar with our professional model/16-times running employee of the month/resident adonis Manny, do yourself a favor and take a nice leisurely stroll down sunny South Street past our shop window and take a quick gaze at his majesty.  This spring you’ll find Manny bedecked in some of the exciting selections from Specialized’s new line of spring apparel, freshly arrived in store.

After one of the coldest winters on record in our great city of brotherly love, Manny, eager to saddle up and resume his commute to an arduous day of standing in our window (i.e. “work”) by bicycle, was super excited to get into Specialized’s new-for-this-year Utility line of apparel. In spite of all the truly fantastic road and mountain kits we got it, the language in Manny’s contract stipulates that he gets to pick what he wears, so here we are with some awesome stuff to keep you looking and feeling cool (literally and figuratively) whether it’s your commute or your ride. Stick around after the jump for a bombardment of photos and specifics about this exciting new line.

The Utility line focuses on a combination of style and practicality. The Merino wool blend constructing the Utility Polo (pictured) and Utility T-Shirt keep you cool in the heat, warm in the cold and dry all year round. The subtle aesthetic means the you’ll look right at home on or off the bike.   IMG_6312

The Utility Short features 6 pockets and a phone lock with a tailored fit to make sure you look your best in the saddle or off. Reflective elements keep you visible whenever traffic is about and a heavy-duty, water repellent outer keeps you comfy and dry even on the gnarliest of commutes. In combination with his favorite hi-vis Specialized socks and a wind-and-water resistant Deflect vest, Manny is ready to tackle any road be it the commute to work or some serious weekend recreation. Stop by the shop to try your Utility gear on today!