Hello Springtime!

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Photo Credit: photo-day.ru

Photo Credit: photo-day.ru

Now that winter is over  and  spring has sprung   ok  winter is back   no wait  it’s spring for real this time  the rainy season has come to the droughtridden savannahs well whatever, we’ll deal with it later. No matter what the weather is,  you can feel that buzz in the air. Everyone (if you’re reading this far into the post [thank you,  by the way, I work hard on these!] probably you moreso than most ) is ready to ride. That first glimmer of shining sun and that first touch of warmth in the air is bringing cyclists of all kinds out in droves.

We hope you’re as excited as we are for the season to really turn over. To that end, we’ve got lots of exciting new things happening here at Bicycle Therapy. The ever-popular Saturday morning rides have already kicked off and will continue to do so (weather permitting, grr) for the rest of the season, so be sure to join us for some great road rides that’ll get your heart beating and your endurance up after long winter.

As always, the best way to stay informed about upcoming rides and other shop news is to sign up for our mailing list, which you will find on the sidebar to the right of this very post.  I can’t tell how it’s going to line up as I’m writing this. Just scroll around. You’ll find it.

Don’t forget to get in quick and schedule your tune up so you can hit the road/trail/pump track/whatever as soon as possible, or check out our variety of new service options if your bike needs that extra bit of special attention. We’re already filling up quickly, but we always have room for one more,  so bring your bike down today.

Don’t have a bike, or winter got the best of your old one? No problem, we’ve still got a few leftover 2013’s on sale (get them while they’re hot, they’re going quick now that the warm weather [mostly] is here!) and the 2014 model year brought some very exciting stuff to the table at some really great price points, highlighted all new 11-speed shifting setups from SRAM and Shimano as well as numerous other very cool advances that are definitely worth taking a look at.

Stop by the shop! We’re more than happy to talk your ear off about them. The future is here people.