New Year, New Services: Pro Wash and Pro Tank Cleaning

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photo credit: specialized.com

photo credit: specialized.com

Everyone who’s had their bike serviced by us knows that our Classic Tune Up package is a great way to get your bike truly dialed and ready to ride, whether it’s rehabbing an old favorite that hasn’t seen the road in years or monthly maintenance for your daily rider. Some bikes, however, need that extra level of special care. And some bikes are just plain dirty. Fortunately, Bicycle Therapy is here to help with our new Pro Wash and Pro Tank Cleaning service packages. Stick around after the jump to find out more.

To that end, we’re offering two new and extremely comprehensive service packages to compliment our already robust maintenance offerings. Of course that old standby, the Classic Tune Up will still be available for the excellent price of $60, covering any adjustments the bike needs including brakes, derailleurs, bearings, wheel truing and  lubrication. That part doesn’t change.

What we ARE bringing to the table for 2014 is the addition of the $95 Pro Wash, a package that gets you everything in the classic tune up, but also includes a full, professional washing of the bike to ensure that your trusty steed comes back to you looking as good as it feels, sparkling like the day you first brought it home.

Finally, for those bikes that need that extra-special kick in the pants to get them back in to good working order, we’ve got our $125 Pro Tank Cleaning service which includes all of the Classic Tune Up and the Pro Wash, as well as a full drivetrain cleaning, external and internal.The drivetrain gets fully disassembled, run rigorously through the parts cleaner, properly re-greased and re-lubricated where applicable, and then put back on the bike and adjusted for maximum accuracy.

These new packages of comprehensive service will keep the bikes you love running better and for longer, and the care you show them will be returned to you tenfold in both performance and reliability. Stop by or call to schedule yours today.