What’s Manny Riding II: Trainer Time

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That’s right, it is officially, unequivocally and almost certainly  winter. Pay no heed to these so-called “calenders” that say the first day of winter is December 21st, IT’S DARK. IT’S WET. IT’S COLD. For some, that means it’s time to fold up the jersey, hang up the helmet and pack up the bike until the sun starts to keep it’s head above the skyline past 4 pm again.

But it doesn’t have to be.

We’ve got a wide variety of cycling trainers to suit all needs and skill levels that will let you ride in the comfort and warmth of your own home. Stick around after the jump for a handful of helpful visuals with a special guest appearance from everyone’s favorite mannequin, Manny.

Always incorrigible. Always suave. Always Manny.

Always incorrigible. Always suave. Always Manny.

You remember Manny, don’t you? If not feel free to read through his first article for some helpful tips on how to combat the cold if you’re feeling mighty enough to continue venturing outdoors much past today. For those of you who aren’t, Manny included, a trainer is a great way to continue to get exercise through the winter on those days where it’s just too cold/snowy/icy/all of the above to go out for an actual ride.

Try not to look so wooden for the camera, Manny.

Try not to look so wooden for the camera, Manny.

Whether you don’t want to spend the extra 20 minutes piling on the layers or you can’t work up the motivation to be more than 20 steps away from your nice warm bed, setting up the trainer is a great way to keep your fitness up all through the winter.


It’s easy to set up and your ride your own familiar bike with your own familiar fit and your own familiar components. Set yourself up in front of your television  and follow a rigorous race-day workout routine or just put on a movie and pedal for a few hours. Open up your favorite book on the handlebars or put your head down and put in a hard effort. The choice is yours.

(Editor’s note: Manny regrets that he wasn’t able to go into detail about the actual mechanics of setting up or riding with the trainer. Don’t tell him we told you this [he’ll be so embarrased] but it’s because of his lack of opposable thumbs and complete inability to bend at the waist. Stop by the shop and any of our more, let’s say, nimble employees will give you the rundown.)