November 2013

What’s Manny Riding II: Trainer Time

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That’s right, it is officially, unequivocally and almost certainly  winter. Pay no heed to these so-called “calenders” that say the first day of winter is December 21st, IT’S DARK. IT’S WET. IT’S COLD. For some, that means it’s time to fold up the jersey, hang up the helmet and pack up the bike until the sun starts to keep it’s head above the skyline past 4 pm again.

But it doesn’t have to be.

We’ve got a wide variety of cycling trainers to suit all needs and skill levels that will let you ride in the comfort and warmth of your own home. Stick around after the jump for a handful of helpful visuals with a special guest appearance from everyone’s favorite mannequin, Manny. Read More »

Just in Time for the Holidays…Get Your New Bicycles Delivered!

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Got the perfect holiday bicycle picked out? Of course you do, you’ve had your holiday shopping list ready to go for weeks now (right?). Maybe you don’t want to ruin the surprise?  Maybe you just don’t have the time/energy/trunk space to schlep a new bike across town?

Well we have the solution.

Starting Novemeber 29th and running all the way up to December 22nd, Bicycle Therapy will be offering FREE Bike Delivery with purchase.  That’s right, we’ll build it, load it up, drive it over and drop it off. All you have to do is put the bow on top. Feel free to give a call to the shop for more info and keep reading after the break for regulations and limitations.


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You missed it!

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Whether it was our big weekend sale, or the exact angle you needed to hit that curve without going over, it’s not the end of the world. You get back on the bike and try again!

As far as the sale goes, well, it’s over BUT we’ve got some good news. Whether you had one too many drinks at a post Bike-Expo party and couldn’t drag yourself out of bed, or couldn’t resist the wonderful stretch of weekend weather and couldn’t drag yourself off the bike, we’ve still got lots of great stuff that will be on sale until they’re gone!

We’ve got plenty of 2013 bikes that still need loving homes, as well as lots of winter gear, tires and other accessories  still on sale, so stop by the shop all through the winter for some really great deals!

Store-wide Sale This Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the 8th, 9th and 10th of November!

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That’s right! Just about everything in the store is marked down! You’re schedule is probably already packed buying a pallet full of televisions or something for Black Friday, so why not get in on the action a little earlier?

Whether you’ve had your eye on that new bike or you’re just looking to pick up some nice new stuff, chances are we’ve got something you’re looking for, including:

  • Winter Gear on sale!
  • All bicycles marked down!
  • And more! Up to 50% off!

Whether you’re in town checking out the Bike Expo or just looking for a hot deal, stop by the shop this weekend and check it out!

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