What’s Manny Wearing? I: Winter Warrior

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Last week we left off with a few tips on how to stay warm on the bike as the weather gets colder. Today we’re going to expand on that idea with some helpful visual aid provided by Bicycle Therapy’s own 68-time consecutive Employee of the Month, Jacques-Maria Manuel de Factice Maniquí-Manuel.

Or Manny for short.

Manny has a reputation for being the strong, silent type and doesn’t often begrudge himself complaints regarding the weather, but don’t let that stoic demeanor of his fool you. He cherishes on-the-bike warmth. Stick with us (and Manny) after the jump for a handy guide on how best to combat the approaching winter.

This time of year can be tricky. It’s windy but sunny. Your ride will start chilly but might suddenly take a turn for the warm. It can be tough to know just what to wear. Manny has graciously allowed us to use supreme modelling skills for a head-to-toe tour of how best to dress to weather the weather whether the weather wants to cooperate or not.


Sensible. Stylish. Manny.

We’ll start up top. It’s not quite the full 90%, but a large amount of your body heat does escape from your head. With the change in season. Manny has swapped out his favorite cycling cap for something a little more substantial. With flaps to cover the ears and a warm fleece lining inside, Manny’s cap still fits under his helmet in spite of the inexplicable rigidity of his hair while keeping his head nice and snuggly-warm as well.

You’ll also notice Manny keeps his sunglasses on year round, and not just because his cold, unblinking eyes give us the creeps without them. The sun still comes out, believe it or not, and glare off any snow that might happen to fall can be even worse than the sun itself.

Finally, the most versatile tool in Manny’s arsenal is his neck protection, a long piece of merino wool that can be configured into just about any shape or purpose as you need it, even on Manny’s inhumanely long neck.


A usually-scandalous peek under Manny’s jersey reveals that he’s donned a moisture-wicking wool base layer to keep him insulated and dry while continuing to use his favorite Bicycle Therapy team jersey.

He’s also pulled on a set of fleece-lined arm warmers that come off easily and fit rolled up in a jersey pocket if it warms up during your ride. A similar set of leg or knee warmers is also helpful underneath your bibs.


On windy days, Manny pulls a thin windproof vest over the whole thing to keep the wind out without adding too much weight and risking overheating. Also pictured is Manny’s neck warmer in use as a mask for full face coverage.


Down by Manny’s feet, we see the aforementioned leg warmers along with a toasty-warm pair of wool cycling socks. Manny really loves his S-Works shoes, but all that ventilation becomes somewhat of a liability when the wind picks up and the temperature goes down. A pair of neoprene shoe covers goes  a long way towards keeping his feet insulated and comfortable.


For emphasis, we’ll wrap with as close to a cross section of all Manny’s layers as we can get without some seriously unsalable product and a significant amount of physical discomfort for Manny.

Of course, we’re painting in broad strokes here and everyone’s needs are different. Stop by the shop and let us know what is and isn’t working for you. We’ve got a whole array of expert advice to offer, whether you’re a hardline winter commuter, a road rider who can’t bear to break out the indoor trainer quite yet, and everyone in between.