Goodbye Trusty Twenty Thursday Morning Ride!

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With the cold weather inching ever closer, it’s time to bid farewell to that summertime stalwart, the Trusty Twenty ride for the winter season. Not to worry, cycling enthusiasts , the ride will return stronger than ever with that sweet, sweet warm weather. In the interim,  we encourage you to keep riding! For those of you with itchy shifter fingers and the wherewithal to keep riding, fear not, for there are options!

We’ve got a wide variety of winter cycling apparel and accessories of all weights and for all temperatures hitting the shop floor as we speak.  Keep reading after the jump for some tips on keeping warm even on the coldest winter mornings.

  • Layering is key: This time of year especially, temperatures can vary wildly. If you start your ride at 8 am and get back at 11, you could be looking at two completely different weather systems. Remember you can always take layers off! To that end…
  • Don’t overdo it: This might sound crazy but it is still very possible to overheat yourself. It may be below freezing but you’re still going to work up a sweat no matter what.  You’ll still want something that breathes and wicks moisture.
  • Wind is the worst: You can be as bundled up as you want but if the wind is still cutting through all your breathable layers, you’re going to feel chilled to the bone. A lightweight, windproof vest or jacket goes a long way.

For more tips definitely stop by the shop and use our expertise. You know we’ll be riding straight through winter for sure and if there’s one thing we treasure more than cycling, it’s glorious, beautiful warmth. We’ll have more news here about upcoming rides, both through winter and when the weather gets warm again in future, so stay tuned.