SRAM 22 Red & Force Groups: Make One More Leap

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The road group arms race just got kicked up another notch, or another gear if you will. On the heels of the introduction of Shimano’s new 11-speed Dura-Ace mechanical and electronic groups, SRAM just announced two all-new 11-speed road groups and a slew of options for fully integrated hydraulic disc and rim brake set-ups. Pics, pricing, and weights after the jump!


SRAM may not be the first of the Big Three to roll out another gear, but they now have the edge for what many believe to the be the future of cyclo-cross and road brakes: hydraulics.

There are some third-party adaptors for hydraulic rim brakes, there are some great mechanic disc options, and there are even spy shots of Shimano’s hydraulic road levers (no word about Campagnolo), but if you want a whole group with hydraulic brakes, optimized to work together,  SRAM has you covered.


For complete details, head over to BikeRumor and/or BikeRadar, but here are some highlights:

  • Available Summer 2013, SRAM is coming out with two complete 11-speed groups, RED 22 and Force 22, RED 22 hydraulic levers, disc and rim calipers well as 10-speed SRAM S-700 hydraulic (Hydro R) levers, disc and rim calipers for use with all YAW and non-YAW SRAM 10-speed road groups.
  • All new mechanical components are as light or lighter than their 10-speed equivalents.
  • Both RED 22 and Force 22 groups includes WiFli mid-cage rear derailleur and 11-32 cassettes.
  • SRAM 22 RED and Force are not compatible with SRAM 10-speed components.
  • RED 22 Hydro R levers can be paired with both Red 22 hydraulic road disc (HRD) and hydraulic road rim (HRR) brakes.
  • RED 22 mechanic levers are also available for use with mechanic rim brakes and third party mechanical disc brakes.
  • Force 22 is mechanical brake compatible only, but you can use RED 22 Hydro R levers with Force 22 derailleurs, so you can save a little money, even if you want 11-speed and hydraulic.

Estimated pricing and weights:

  • RED 22 Mechanical group w/GXP cranks: $2618, 1747g
  • Force 22 Mechanical group w/GXP cranks: $1358, 2149.7g
  • RED 22 Hydro R Disc lever and caliper (rotor & bracket sold separately):  $561, 449g per wheel (lever, caliper, hose, 160mm rotor)
  • RED 22 Hydro R Rim lever and caliper: $484, 387g per wheel (lever, caliper, 600mm hose)
  • S-700 Hydro R Disc lever and caliper: $398, 495g per wheel (lever, caliper, hose, 160mm HSX rotor)
  • S-700 Hydro R Rim lever and caliper: $286, 422 grams per wheel (lever, caliper, 600mm hose)