Specialized Propero II Helmet: high performance and style at a low price

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Pop quiz! A good helmet:

A) Keeps you safe

B) Cools your head

C) Fits well

D) Looks great

E) All of the above

Pencils down. If you answered E) All of the above, you passed and you can go ride your bike. If you didn’t get the correct answer and/or you’re still reading in the hope of being better prepared next time, you should know a that a good helmets does A through D well. A great helmet does it all really well and does it at an affordable price. The Specialized Propero II is a really great helmet, but you don’t have to take our word for it.

BikeRadar.com just confirmed what we’ve known for a while now: The Specialized Propero II delivers level of performance and style that you’d expect from top-shelf lids like its big brother and Pro Tour favorite the Specialized S-WORKS Prevail, but at less than half the price. The Propero II, in addition to passing or exceeding all safety standards, features Specialized’s 4D cooling, ultra-adjustable retention and sizing systems, and styling so similar to the S-WORKS Prevail that you’ll fool your riding buddies for a long time. The best feature of the Propero II is that fact that even though it’s an incredible value for money, you’ll never be compromising performance and you’ll never regret your choice.

We’ve got the Specialized Propero II in stock in all sizes and colors, so stop by soon to get yours.