Cyclocross Tubulars – Choose Your Weapon

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Specialized has made no secret of their designs on the cyclocross world. They’ve tinkered with their CX bikes, and they really threw down the gauntlet with the Crux. Specialized continues to stock their quiver for the 2011/2012 CX season with a full line-up of high-performance cyclocross tubular tires. We have all three Specialized CX tubulars in stock, so check out the info below and then come in to get what you need.


Ah, tubulars. Sure, you might get a little glue on your hands, but you get the smoothest rolling tire you’ve ever had, you never have to worry about pinch flats, you can run them a super-low pressure when the terrain calls for it, and if you do flat, you can roll home on the rim without ruining your tires or rim. In short, once you try them, you’ll never go back.

Whether you want a file-tread for dry, fast conditions, or an chunky, open tread for those muddy courses, Specialized and Bicycle Therapy have got you covered. Here’s all the info: