Specialized Propero: Great Helmet, Outstanding Value

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One of the most common questions we get at the shop is, “How much better are the expensive helmets than the $30 helmets?” It’s a great question. All the helmets pass the same safety standards, they all look kinda the same, so why would someone spend up to seven times more? Once we explain that the more expensive helmets are lighter, better ventilated, and better fitting, we almost certainly get the next question, “Ok, so which is the best one?” It’s hard not to say that the Specialized Propero is the best bang for buck.

Extremely well-reviewed by both BikeRadar/CyclingNews and Bicycling Magazine, the Propero is the perfect combination of highly-sought-after features and affordable price. The Propero has wind tunnel tested 4th Dimension Cooling, a slimmed down Pro Fit 360 retention system, composite matrix internal reinforcement that allows for larger vents and greater cooling, soft DryLite webbing material won’t stretch out with sweat or water, light and simple U-Turn strap adjusters, and a patented clip-on matching color visor just like the S-WORKS Road Helmet, but for almost half the price.