July 2011

This One’s for the Ladies: 2012 Specialized Amira and Myka 29

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Specialized has always made some of the best bikes out there, but most recently, they’ve really broken away from the pack by designing some amazing bikes for women. By recognizing that there are some significant and common differences between male and female riders beyond average height, Specialized Women’s Bikes not only fit many female riders better than other brands, they also ride and handle better. Women specific frame and suspension designs combined with smart components packages make for bikes that are uncompromisingly designed for the needs and wants of all female riders. The trend continues for 2012 and we’re proud to have some new women’s specific 2012 bikes at the shop: the 2012 Amira Apex and Myka Sport Disc 29.

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Specialized Propero: Great Helmet, Outstanding Value

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One of the most common questions we get at the shop is, “How much better are the expensive helmets than the $30 helmets?” It’s a great question. All the helmets pass the same safety standards, they all look kinda the same, so why would someone spend up to seven times more? Once we explain that the more expensive helmets are lighter, better ventilated, and better fitting, we almost certainly get the next question, “Ok, so which is the best one?” It’s hard not to say that the Specialized Propero is the best bang for buck.

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