Specialized Tarmac SL2: not just for Olympic and World Champs any more

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The passage of time is a funny thing. There are times when we look back and think how quickly time flies by, but the very next moment an event in the recent past seems like it took place a lifetime ago.

Take the 2008 season. It was only three years ago, but the age of Quickstep as a super power – Tornado Tom in green, Paolo Bettini in world champ stripes and Olympic gold – seems like a lifetime ago. Since that time, Cav has risen, Lance has retired (again), and the most talent-rich team in the world might just be from Luxembourg.

The coming of the 2011  marks a birthday of sorts; the Specialized Tarmac SL2 is three years old. Why is that good? It means that same bike that was developed for and ridden by the best team of 2008 can now be yours for pennies on the dollar. Come in, test ride the 2011 Specialized Tarmac SL2 Elite with SRAM Apex, and whisper to yourself, in an Italian accent of course, “I am Specialized.”