Allez means GO and the 2011 Specialized Allez Sport Means Business

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We hate to say it, but there was a time, not too long ago, that $900 didn’t buy much bike. We don’t mean to imply that entry level bikes were bad, but they weren’t great. Great bikes can be lots of things: surprisingly good, more than the sum its parts, stylish, but more than anything a great bike has an x-factor, a personality, something special that gets under your skin and makes you think, “Oh, okay. I get it.” The 2011 Specialized Allez Sport is a great bike, but more importantly, it’s a great bike that costs $940.

The first thing you’ll notice, even before you pick the bike up,  is how good it looks. The arcing top tube, smooth welds,  elegant seatstays, stout downtube and straight-blade fork; the 2011 Allez is a cleaner, simpler, more focused bike than ever before. Just looking at the bike lets you know that while “allez” is French for “go,” Allez Sport must translate to “go fast.”

Then you’ll pick it up, and you will be surprised by how light it is (20lbs). No bike this inexpensive should feel this light, you’ll think. The price must be wrong. The bike geeks at Specialized shaved weight everywhere they could and the end result is one the lightest bike you can get at this price.

Lastly, and most importantly, you’ll ride it and realize that the Allez Sport is more than a pretty face with an petite figure: this bike means business. Responsive, agile, and smooth, the Allez Sport is a real-deal race bike that you can ride all day. The parts spec is all business too. Nothing is on the bike is bleeding-edge-of-technology-light, but everything on the bike – Shimano 9-speed stuff, Mavic rims, etc. – is built to work, work well, and work every time.

So, if you need a new road bike but you want to save some money to get some essentials like shoes, pedals, and a helmet, come check out the 2011 Specialized Allez Sport. You won’t need French lessons to understand what this bike is all about.