Chain-L High Mileage Formula Chain Lube

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We’ve all heard it: that squeak-squeak sound that announces to the world that you’ve neglected to care for your bike, your chain is as dry as Mont Ventoux, and now you’re going to annoy everyone on your ride, including yourself. But c’mon! It’s easy to forget to lube that chain every couple of weeks, right? We know your predicament and we have the answer: Chain-L Huile de Chaine High-Mileage Chain Lube. It’s peace-of-mind, dignity, silence for up to 1000+ miles, for just $12 a bottle.

We admit it. We don’t know what’s in Chain-L. Motor oil? Chainsaw bar lube? Dark magic? It doesn’t matter. It works, it works well, and it works for hundreds and hundreds of miles. Chain-L does require a little more time and effort to apply it initially – we recommend a full drive-train clean prior to application – but once it’s on you’re good for 1000+ miles and re-application is as easy as any other any other lube. Stop by the shop and talk to the lovely boys in the service department for more information.