Hammer Nutrition

Posted: January 14th, 2011 | Filed under: Featured, Products | Tags: , | Comments Off on Hammer Nutrition

One of the first rules a cyclist learns is that if you want to ride, you’ve got to eat. How do we learn this lesson? We only have “bonk” once and it’s like writing “I will not ride without food” a hundred times on the chalkboard. From then on, you’ll always eat before a ride, and you’ll keep something on you to make sure you get home okay. Once you know you that having some fuel in your jersey pocket is as essential as keeping a spare tube and a little cash with you, it’s time to find the perfect nutrition that tastes good and above all, works every time. While there’s no accounting for taste, we’ve found Hammer Nutrition to be some the best stuff out there.

Hammer may not be the biggest name in the game, but no nutrition company has a better reputation or a better selection of products. From the lightweight Heed (perfect for quick training rides) to the venerable Hammer Gel (easy to eat when you’re on the bike) to Perpetuem (heavy fuel for long rides) to Recoverite (get ready for the next ride), Hammer has a product for every conceivable situation. The best part? It tastes good when you’re on the bike.