Shimano Road Tubeless Wheels

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Take it from us, the local bike shop, there is no better feeling than telling somebody, “This is the best solution, no doubt.” The peace of mind that comes from telling a customer that they are getting the best product available is great thing. These products are few and far between, and the Shimano Road Tubeless wheelsets are some of the few.

Whether we’re talking about the top-shelf Dura-Ace7850 C24 CL Carbon/Scandium wheels for $1300, the all-Scandium DA 7850-SL set for $1100,or the Ultegra 6700 pair for $650, you can’t go wrong. Ask anyone worth their salt about road tubeless wheels, and they’ll tell you: all the comfort and performance of tubulars with the convenience of clinchers. Run ’em at a 85 psi to get the low rolling resistance of a clincher at 120 but the added comfort of that lower pressure.And don’t think the Shimano TL wheels are one-trick ponies; they’re great wheels by any definition. Light, stiff, snappy, smooth and comfortable, the Shimano wheels are just plain great wheels at good prices with an amazing party trick to boot.