N.A. Makes Wool Winter Cycling Caps

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Cyclists who ride in the winter always have a handful of go-to, must-have accessories that will keep them warm and dry. These special things are like security blankets when you’re out on long, cold/wet rides. Our new favorite blankie has to be the N.A. Makes Wool Winter Cycling Cap, handmade in Philadelphia, $35. If you’ve never had the pleasure of owning a wool winter cycling cap, you have to get one. Made of light-weight wool and featuring a fold-down flap to keep your ears toasty, the winter cycling cap is must in the colder months. The N.A. Makes also features a cotton canvas brim that is crushable and iron-able to keep you looking good.Hand washcold and hang/lay-flat to dry only, this little guy will be your new best friend in no time.