Continental Gran Prix 4000 Tires

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The Continental Gran Prix 4000; is there any road tire that’s more sought after? People ride lots of different tires, and there are some really great options out there, but almost everyone wants a pair of GP 4000s if given the choice. Fast, smooth, supple, grippy, and durable, the GP 4000 is the one everyone asks for.

For years, we’ve had to choose between fast, supple and grippy race tires that wore out quickly, or durable, flat-resistant and stiff training tires that lasted thousands of miles. With the GP 4000, you no longer have to choose. Featuring the Vectran Breaker layer for low weight, low rolling resistance and top puncture and cut resistance and the GP 4000’s party piece the exclusive Black Chili compound.

Black Chili uses nano particles to fill in tiny gaps between the molecules, putting more rubber on the road and improving grip, rolling resistance, and mileage. There’s a lot of science and engineering in there, but all we know is the GP 4000 is maybe the best tire money can buy.