January 2011

2011 Tour Down Under in Three Minutes

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2011 Tour Down Under from cycling tips on Vimeo.

Thanks to our Aussie friends over at Cycling Tips Blog, we can share with a you a short respite from the current sadness outside. Take three minutes, watch this video, and forget that there’s snow and ice all around.

Allez means GO and the 2011 Specialized Allez Sport Means Business

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We hate to say it, but there was a time, not too long ago, that $900 didn’t buy much bike. We don’t mean to imply that entry level bikes were bad, but they weren’t great. Great bikes can be lots of things: surprisingly good, more than the sum its parts, stylish, but more than anything a great bike has an x-factor, a personality, something special that gets under your skin and makes you think, “Oh, okay. I get it.” The 2011 Specialized Allez Sport is a great bike, but more importantly, it’s a great bike that costs $940.

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Team Bicycle Therapy at the 2010 Rapha Gentleman’s Race

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2010 Rapha Gentleman’s Race | Litchfield, CT from RAPHA on Vimeo.

It was the late Spring of 2010. Spirits were high, temperatures were moderate, and the lads from the Bicycle Therapy Racing Team were headed to New England to represent in the Rapha Gentlemen’s Race. It would prove to be, in an overused word, EPIC.

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Specialized Street Smart Helmet

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There is a definite trend in the bicycle helmet world towards more subtle, casual styling for urban cyclists. Case in point: the Bern helmets that have become so popular. Yes, we carry Bern, but not everyone wants the same thing; it’s why they make chocolate and vanilla, no? That’s why we carry the new Specialized Street Smart helmet, too. Light,  high-tech, well ventilated, and casual all for just $60.

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Chain-L High Mileage Formula Chain Lube

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We’ve all heard it: that squeak-squeak sound that announces to the world that you’ve neglected to care for your bike, your chain is as dry as Mont Ventoux, and now you’re going to annoy everyone on your ride, including yourself. But c’mon! It’s easy to forget to lube that chain every couple of weeks, right? We know your predicament and we have the answer: Chain-L Huile de Chaine High-Mileage Chain Lube. It’s peace-of-mind, dignity, silence for up to 1000+ miles, for just $12 a bottle.

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Hammer Nutrition

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One of the first rules a cyclist learns is that if you want to ride, you’ve got to eat. How do we learn this lesson? We only have “bonk” once and it’s like writing “I will not ride without food” a hundred times on the chalkboard. From then on, you’ll always eat before a ride, and you’ll keep something on you to make sure you get home okay. Once you know you that having some fuel in your jersey pocket is as essential as keeping a spare tube and a little cash with you, it’s time to find the perfect nutrition that tastes good and above all, works every time. While there’s no accounting for taste, we’ve found Hammer Nutrition to be some the best stuff out there.

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Mad Alchemy Embrocation

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What is an embrocation? We’ll let the expert tell you:

“Embro is being ready for 130 miles, in April, 45°F, raining, but still loving the ride. It’s sprinting for the Provincetown line @ mile 140, against 7 of your best friends. It’s talking about your 7½ hour ride on the ferry back to Boston, dehydrated, but still sharing stories over a beer. Embro doesn’t hang the bike up in the winter. It simply lowers the tire pressure in the snow, puts on a wool base, and 2 pairs of shoe covers and rides. Embro is Portland in December, and New England in February. It’s rain, it’s snow, it’s mud and sometimes it’s even sunshine. It’s always about the experience. It’s about attacking on the hardest part of the course, or down that perfectly symmetrical, maple-tree ally. It’s about cobbles and cinder, new pavement and gaps.  Embrocation will not make you faster. It won’t make up the difference between 4th and 40th, but it will most assuredly make you feel like a “better” cyclist, a more significant part of our community. Not everybody is ready to Embrocate, though everyone has Embro potential. We Embrocate for legs, we Embrocate for our experience, we Embrocate for the love of cycling.”

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Specialized S-WORKS Road Shoes

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There’s a special moment when a rider tries on a pair of S-WORKS shoes for the first time. After snugging down the enclosure, they sit back, smile, and usually say something like, “Wow. I mean…wow. That’s cool.” We know exactly what they mean, even if they can’t articulate it. Read More »

Capo Cycling Apparel

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Capo Apparel. I mean, it’s just so cool. Capo managed to accomplished what so many clothing companies have failed at: offer high performance, high value cycling apparel that looks PRO. Read More »

Bern Brentwood Helmets

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Safety First, right? But c’mon, not all of us want to look like cast-offs from the Tour de France peloton every time we ride our bikes. Time for the Bern Brentwood. Read More »