Showers Pass Outerwear

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With cycling, we just want our stuff to work. Whether it’s a weekend epic, a mellow morning spin, or the daily commute, we’re out there to enjoy ourselves, not to worry mechanicals or anything else for that matter. We rely on our bike and equipment so we can enjoy what we’re out there to do: ride.

The same thing goes for cycling clothing. Just the way you shouldn’t have to think about cable tension, chain stretch, hanger alignment, or cog wear – you just want the darn thing to shift when you tell it to shift you shouldn’t have to think about wicking, chaffing, compression, breathability, or fit. You just want you clothing to what it has to do, so you can do what you want to do.

That’s why we’re stoked to be carrying Showers Pass. This little company from Portland, Oregon does one thing and does it well: make truly superior cycling outerwear. Better ventilation, better durability, better fit… clothing better suited to each cyclist’s individual pursuit. We’ve been blown away by every piece they make and we’ve got a great selection in stock, so come check it out.