ReLoad Midpack: A New Way to Travel

Posted: September 12th, 2010 | Filed under: Accessories, Products | Tags: , , , | Comments Off on ReLoad Midpack: A New Way to Travel

After a few years as a bike messenger in Philadelphia, I’ve owned quite a few messenger bags. Starting with a more traditional single strap design, I discovered the quickness of slinging my bag across my hip to retrieve envelopes. Despite the love of my first bag, after a few months the jobs got bigger along with the unevenness of my bags weight on my shoulder.

A good friend purchased one of the first Re-Load Backpacks, after a few weeks of ogling, touching, and trying on, I was sold. Since my backpack has carried everything from hundreds of brochures, to a flag pole—bested the TSA of Philadelphia International, and survived spontaneous road trips. After leaving the courier world behind, I was left with a bag that was far to large for everyday life.

Leaving the messenger occupation behind, I needed to solve the needs of most commuters: how do I comfortably transport my belongings, with out more carrying more then I need.

The Reload Midpack solved my personal dilemma, delivering enough space for tools, notebooks, and a 15″ laptop, and being able to expand to store beer and groceries when needed. Outside pockets expands to hold water bottles and weather proof equipment, while the main flap shields the main compartment, pen organizer, and external pocket from unexpected wet weather.

Reload has innovated once again on what personal transport in Philadelphia means, choose your colors wisely this might just be the last backpack you ever buy.