August 2010

Specialized Expert Handlebar

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On Monday the new Specialized Expert Handlebar arrived at Bicycle Therapy and we are very excited about this. The bar features a traditional round bend, but is shallower and has a more natural transition to the brake lever hood. In other words, there is more useful real estate for most riders. Read More »

Yokozuna Cables and Housing

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This has been the year of small wonders at Bicycle Therapy. In an industry full of innovation and expensive upgrades three products have stood out and allowed us to offer notable upgrades to discerning customers at a low price. What more could you ask for in an economic recession? The first of these items was Francis Bolag’s Chain-L high mileage lubricant, which lives up to its 1000 mile claim and leaves even a thoroughly used drive train feeling new. Swiss Stop Black Flash brake pads followed shortly after. For $25 a cyclist can upgrade the contents of their brake cartridges and experience greater stopping power, improved modulation, and decreased rim wear, no joke! Rounding out the trio are Yokozuna derailleur cables and housing, bringing us to the topic of this post.
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